VBLFC: Neo Reno

NEOSVR | July 9 - July 11, 2021



Rule #1

Any action, behavior, or dress that causes significant interference with event operations, significant discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects the event’s relationship with its guests, its venues, or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in immediate removal from the event space.


NeosVR is a publicly accessible service and VBLFC is unable to fully control admission to event instances or control behavior occurring on the platform. Explicit, lewd or sexual behavior or discussion is not permitted in public or event hosted instances of the event at any time.

Assets and content uploaded to NeosVR are not guaranteed to be secure and may be downloaded or utilized by other players. VBLFC and NeosVR cannot be held liable for any misuse or compromising of assets utilized during the event. If you feel this has occurred, feel free to reach out to a member of the VBLFC or NeosVR moderation team for assistance.

The use of avatars or objects with distracting or disruptive sounds, lights, particles or scripts are strictly prohibited in any convention instances.

Scripted Objects

NeosVR supports a variety of ways to script objects that may be brought from one instance, to another. As such, VBLFC prohibits the usage and equipping of scripted objects that may be disruptive to attendees in event instances that do not otherwise explicitly permit the usage of such objects - including but not limited to:

- Weapons
- Vehicles
- Tooltips

Usage of such objects may result in warnings from the event’s moderation staff, with repeat offenses leading to removal from the event. Instances that do permit the usage of such items will be labeled as such during the event either in the instance name or description of the instance.


Threats, harassment, and stalking will never be tolerated, and are grounds for immediate expulsion from the event. If you are ever feeling threatened or harassed, clearly tell them to stop, and immediately notify a moderator to report the behavior.

Photography and Recording

By attending VBLFC, you are authorizing our volunteers to take your picture in the event area for promotional use only. We will always try to ask first, but you might still be in the background of something. If you find yourself in one of our promotional pictures and want to be removed, ask and we will be happy to blur you out or use a different picture. By attending, it should be assumed other attendees may record or stream ongoing events.

Volunteer Complaints

If there is a volunteer being rude or inappropriate, please report it in Discord to any event lead (use the #!-request-a-mod channel). The sooner we’re aware of misbehavior, the sooner we can address it. Sometimes the department heads don’t see a volunteer’s action. We need to know; please try to get a name and screenshot of the misbehavior. We will make every effort to remedy the situation.

Policy Revisions

We reserve the right to make adjustments or additions to these policies at any time, and you are always responsible for adhering to the current version of these policies. If any major policy changes are made, we will make every effort to announce the changes.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Code of Conduct, please do not hesitate to reach us at virtual@goblfc.org